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How Do We Eradicate Subterranean Termites?

Depending on the design of the structure, the size of the infestations and duration, the inspector will inspect and tailor a treatment method. We would Destroy all visible whole termite tubes so that any new reinfestations can be readily detected. Probe the exterior foundation with either Premise, Altriset, or Termidor. Chemically treat the subarea soil with Premise, Altriset, or Termidor in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. If a structure does not have a subarea we would drill the base of the walls on the ground floor and inject Premise, Altriset, or Termidor by adding a foaming agent, ProFoam Platinum which expands inside of the wall void carrying the termiticide to the wood members which absorb the product. If holes are drilled into the concrete slab areas they are filled with mortar and holes drilled into the walls are caulked to seal. The holes into the walls are around ¼" in diameter and the holes drilled into the concrete are around 1/2" in diameter. We have found that this treatment method is the most effective way to eradicate this type of termite.

We also could install in-ground monitors which are made by Exterra. Monitoring material is placed into the stations which are monitored on a quarterly basis. If activity is detected the monitoring material is replaced with Labyrinth/AC. The monitors showing termite activity are entered into a computer to document the activity with the ending result being colony elimination. Above ground monitors can be placed directly at the site of activity. These stations are monitored on a more frequent schedule than the in ground monitors. Above ground monitors are placed directly at the site of activity, i.e. where the subterranean termite feeding tubes are found at the structure. The in ground monitors are for early detection of an infestation of subterranean termites.


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