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How Do We Eradicate Drywood Termites?

There are several options available.

Primary recommendations: We can fumigate the entire structure with Vikane Gas. Click Here for more info.

We can heat treat the whole structure. Click Here for more info.

We recommend that a heat treat or a fumigation be followed with a residual treatment, chemically treating accessible subarea and/or attic framing with a 15% solution of Tim-bor and Bora-Care. This type of residual treatment will help deter possible future infestations.

Thermal Pest Eradication or "Heat" is one of the most effective, chemical free treatment options available today. The effectiveness is based on the fact that drywood termites and wood destroying beetles die when core temperatures in the treatment area(s) reach 130 degrees and is maintained for 3 hours. Target areas are contained with tarps, heat sensitive items are protected or removed and rising temperatures from the propane heaters are monitored with state of the art digital probes. A typical treatment area is an attic, subarea or garage and normally takes 4 to 6 hours to set up and complete for a local treatment. This is less than one day and requires no customer move out, no bagging of food or medicines, and no time consuming pre-job utility procedure. This does not leave a residue.

There is also an approved Secondary substandard control measure. Surface treat and drill and treat visibly infested wood with Bora-Care/Termidor/Premise/ProFoam Platinum. This includes injecting the finished walls adjacent to the visible infestation. The holes drilled in the walls are around ¼" in diameter and are caulked to seal after the treatment has been completed. The foam carries the termiticide to the wood members in the wall void which absorbs the product and eradicates the drywood termites and protects against future infestations. The attic and subarea should also be treated with 15% solution of Tim-bor/Bora-Care. This is considered a local treatment.

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written by David J. Roe


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