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Precision Environmetal Inc.
Therma Pure Heat

Thermal Pest Eradication, known simply as "Heat," is one of the most effective chemical free treatment options available today. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that Drywood Termites, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and Wood Destroying Beetles die when appropriate core temperatures are reached and maintained in the treatment areas.

How Heat Works


  • Chemical free & odorless
  • No move out required
  • No roof damage
  • No bagging of food/medicines
  • No harm to pets
  • Can heat any portion of the structure
  • Easy to eliminate a targeted pest within structure
  • Guaranteed

  Normal treatments take 1 day or less

When it comes to ridding your home or business of destructive insect pests, the days of tenting are over. The heat process is a technological and ecological breakthrough in treating both partial and entire structures for wood destroying insects and their eggs.

Heat Being Applied to a Home
Heat Being Applied to a House
Heat Being Applied
Oh No!! It's the heat, run for your life!

Precision Environmetal Inc.Therma Pure Heat
Heat is a natural, effective way to control unwanted pests in your home.
Using heat just makes sense.

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